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I've been employed for over two decades in a competitive, dynamic environment. Diversity is key. I am known for being able to lead the conversation in the opposing spheres of environmental research and comedy. Enabling me to handle sensitive subjects with a light touch. 

I am currently writing a keynote speech on sustainability for the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2019.



My top 5 achievements:

1: Producing Granada media's online news platform, which beat FT.com for news delivery.

2: Writing for Viz.

3: Rebranding the tone of voice for the world's largest medical technology manufacturer.

4: My blog winning a national award.

5: Taking two steps to the right after having this conversation...


It's Thursday evening and the dishwasher is broken. My wife and I are washing-up manually.

“I think,” she muses, as she dries a clutch of spoons, “that essentially, I'm a happy-go-lucky type. Because looking back, there's only ever been one occasion when I've stabbed my sister.”

I pass her the carving knife. I take two steps to the right.

“Unfortunately," I say, "I can't be classed as happy-go-lucky because I haven't stabbed anyone."

My wife laughs, hurls the cloth in my face and walks out. I'm left alone - cloth on my head -  thinking about my funny old wife. About how the dishwasher's demise had slowed life down a bit, and given us the chance to just chat to each other. And how, after 16 years, I was still finding out new things about my wife that I should be scared of.

I look down at the broken dishwasher and think, you - my friend - can brake down as much as you want, because sometimes, just sometimes, when one thing is broken, something else gets fixed.


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